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Glowing Skin & Bohemian Bride Waves complement carefree Villa Woodbine Wedding in Miami.

When New York City Fitness Guru, Author and Personal Trainer Erin Stutland tied the knot with her beau, she chose one of the most Romantic spots in South Florida, Villa Woodbine. It's like marrying in rich Uncle's 1920's Villa in Italy. The rich Uncle we all wish we had.

To complement the romantic, vintage feeling of the venue, she chose a pale blush gown. Miami Makeup Artist Christina Johnson from South Beach Makeup Studio did her hair and makeup.

The Look: Fresh, glowy Skin.

Hair : long, flowy waves. Her hairstylist.

Hair Recipe: Christina, applied Matrix setting spray first, then curled hair with 1 and 1/2 inch curling iron, to create the loose, romantic waves every bride wants.

Makeup: Laura Mercier primer, then Airbrush Makeup.

For an outdoor wedding, airbrush makeup lasts the longest and does not melt down in the Miami heat. Next her Makeup Artist applied Laura Mercier powder to set her foundation, and a rose gold blush and bronzer to her face and South Beach Makeup Studio gloss to her lips.

For more wedding hairstyles and makeup looks for your Miami Wedding, our bridal hairstyle page has lots of great ideas.

Wedding Vendors :

Miami Makeup Artist Amy Palma

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