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What is the difference between Airbrush Makeup and regular makeup? By Miami Makeup Artist Amy Palma

In this article we will review what I've learned in my 15 years experience as an

#AirbrushMakeup is specially formulated to spray through a airbrush gun. Think of it as spray paint for your face.  Once is dries, it will not rub off, or melt down in the heat. You can rub it, splash your face with water, sweat, dance cheek to cheek, hug, kiss and the airbrush makeup foundation will stay put.

For this reason, as a #miamimakeupartist, I highly recommend #airbrushmakeup for several situations here in Florida, mostly dealing with the harsh elements such as heat and humidity. 

Another advantage of #airbrushmakeup is it looks so natural. This is especially important when doing a #manmakeupapplication. Men don't want to look like they are wearing makeup. #Airbrushmakeup looks flawless in #HDhighdefinitiontelevision. #HDmakeup has to look very natural, like real skin, or it will look fake on camera. So for that reason I suggest #airbrushmakeup when doing a #mansmakeup for television or a photo shoot. 

The other reason is men like #airbrushmakeup better than regular makeup because it feels light. #AirbrushMakeup basicially feels like a cool mist of water being sprayed on your face. A lot of men don't like the heavy feeling of makeup, so this feels better to them. Models and TV Anchors, Reporters, and Actors are accustomed to wearing man makeup so they don't mind it, but regular folks "real people", politicians, CEO's etc, will like the lightweight feeling of airbrush makeup verses traditional regular makeup.

When is it better to use airbrush makeup than traditional makeup?

#AirbrushMakeup is recommended in FLORIDA or other hot, humid beach climates for outdoor photo shoots on the beach and for the following: #beachweddingmakeup #highdefinitiontelevisionmakeup  #mensmakeupforatvshoworphotoshoot. #AirbrushMakeup is excellent makeup to cover acne, blemishes or acne scars and the perfect makeup for a dance, party, wedding, a situation where it  is hot and you will sweat a lot.

I also recommend #airbrushing for #tattoocovermakeup. This is a special formulated #airbrushmakeup specifically to cover tattoos. It is thicker and more opaque than regular #airbrushmakeup therefore too heavy for your face. Many formulas also contain alcohol which is not suitable for your face as it is way too drying.

Formulas of airbrush makeup

There are 4 formulas for airbrush makeup depending on skin type and use (normal, oily, dry, wrinkled or smooth skin) location, environment (indoors verses outdoors).

Water based #airbrushmakeup, silcone based #airbrushmakeup, #waterproofairbrushmakeup, and camouflage or #tattoocoverairbrushmakeup This has alcohol in it and is too drying for your face and too thick and heavy for your face.

#SouthBeach and #MiamiBeach are very popular destinations for photo shoots due to our beautiful beaches and warm weather. When I am doing #makeupforaphotoshootonthebeach, the models will sweat. One of my jobs on a photo shoot is to blot their sweat. Regular makeup will melt down in the heat in 1-3 hours and when I blot the subject's sweat, the makeup rubs off too.

#AirbrushMakeup will not melt down in the heat. So I can just blot the sweat with a paper towel and the makeup stays on. It makes my job as a #makeupartistinMiami much easier in the long run, although it is more work and expense to set up the airbrush machine, and maintain it. 

However in my 15 years as a #Miamimakeupartist,  I can tell you it's definitely worth the

time and expense to learn how to apply #airbrushmakeup properly and purchase the #airbrushmakeup equipment (see more on training, below). 

With regular makeup, when a person sweats, the makeup meltsdown, and he or she looks like a hot mess. The sweltering Miami heat and humidity are brutal for trying to look good. Your makeup melts off. Your hair frizzes. The #airbrushmakeup is really the best chance you have to look good in this jungle we call home.

#Airbrushmakeup education & training classes

Now as far as training and application, if the artist is not trained properly, he or she may not deliver the best result. If she applies the sprayer to close, it can look to cakey and heavy.

The problem with our #makeupartist industry now is some people now just buy the machine and watch a you tube video and think they are trained properly. In most cases they are not. I invested money and time for a 2 days seminar on #airbrushmakeupinFortLauderdale at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, which is where I received in depth training on #airbrushmakeup techniques and application. 

Hands on training with an expert is invaluable and worth the investment in our art form and career. Now as far as cosmetic lines here are the #airbrushmakeup companies I recommend. Dinair is the originator of #airbrushmakeup.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is also a great one.

All these #airbrushcosmeticlines train #airbrushmakeupartistsinMiami and all over the world. Money well spent.

That said, I would ask your artist where he or she was trained on #airbrushmakeup.

#Airbrushmakeup Formulas & Ingredients

Now lets talk about the different formulations of #airbrushmakeupfoundations and cosmetics.

There are #differentformulasofairbrushmakeup: silicone-based, water-based & waterproof and formulas that contain alcohol, The #alcoholbasedairbrushmakeup are known as #camouflagemakeup or #tattoocoverairbrushmakeup.

Silicone based #airbrushmakeup is the best one to start with. It all around delivers the smoothest result because the silicone smooths out and moisturizes the skin. Silicone #airbrushmakeup is great for someone with wrinkles, acne pockmarks or indentations in the skin. #Siliconeairbrushmakeup is great for cold, dry, climates because it moisturizes the skin also.  But for that reason I don't like using silicone-based #airbrushmakeup in outdoor hot weather because it looks greasy in 1-2 hours. So choosing the right formula really depends on many factors such as the environment, location and weather.  

How do I choose the right formula of #airbrushmakeup?

Here in Miami because it is so hot, I prefer water based #airbrushmakeup because it gives a more matte appearance to start. In a colder, dryer climate , I would suggest

#siliconebasedairbrushmakeup for outdoor photo shoots, television video shoots, or weddings.

Inside a television or photography studio, silicone-based #airbrushmakeup makes skin looks dewy and beautiful. Outside in Florida, you look like a hot mess in 2 hours. 

Silicone Based #airbrushmakeup ideal climate

  • Colder climates 75 degrees or less indoors

  • Low heat and low humidity 

Silicone-based #airbrushmakeup ideal skin types

  • Dry skin in any climate.

  • Wrinkles or skin with pockmarks or indentations 

  • #Siliconeairbrushmakeup is NOT recommended for oily skin for outdoor events in hot or humid weather above 75 degrees.

For 1 & 2, I recommend #airbrushmakeup that is water-based. Water-based #airbrushmakeup creates a matte look. That is great for younger crowd (under 40) in hot climates. Matte products suck the moisture out of the skin. The downside is it is way too drying on dry skin, wrinkled skin, or a cold climate. In those cases you need to add moisture to the skin, which is what the silicone does. 

  • Normal skin in hot and humid climates

  • Oily skin

Now, if you have oily skin that has indentations or pock marks, the silicone will fill in the pock marks, but the oily nature of the skin will look greasy, so you will need to compensate with an #oilabsorbingblotpowder

What is #blotpowder and why is it different from other regular powder?

#Blotpowder is not the same thing as a regular colored powder. It is very sheer and has little or no pigment. The reason is, you are applying it over and over to absorb oil. 

If you apply a regular powder designed to cover your skin (like a powder foundation) , you are depositing pigment. Those powders are not meant to be applied over and over. If you do, it will mix with the oil on the skin and look blotchy or streaky or dirty. The skin will also look darker in those areas. Oil mixed with makeup or foundation will appear darker.

There are a few blot powders I recommend. #MakeupForeverHD is clear. #MACBlotPowder has a very sheer pigment. MAC dark and deep dark #blotpowders I particularly like for ethnic black skin tones as the #makeupforever can sometimes create a little white film on certain black skin tones. 

For anyone with a light to medium skin tone I suggest the #MakeupForeverHD pressed powder which is the absolute #bestblotpowder I've ever used. It also creates a refined skin texture, minimizes pores, absorbs oil, an all around rock star #blotpowder

Now the 3rd type of #airbrushmakeup we will discuss, is the #tattoocoverairbrushmakeup, also know as #camouflagetattoocover.  I personally use Dinair. These are usually waterproof and have alcohol so they are too harsh for your face.

The Dinair staff is very helpful suggesting colors. The only problem with Dinair is some of their colors are not neutral enough, so you have to mix to create a neutral tone. Certain colors have too much yellow undertones and others have too many pink undertones. 

Since as a #makeupartist, I work with many different clients, I prefer to have #airbrushmakeup in neutral colors.  So what I end up doing is mixing. The best thing to do is order the small sampler pack (the bride or client pays for the special order), then test out the colors and see which one works and then order enough for the event.

If you have a bridal client who needs to cover tattoos, then order the small sampler ahead of time, test it, and then choose the right shade. Please see article on how to cover tattoos.

Note: you will need 2-3 shades if she has tattoos on different areas because the skin on her inner arm is a different shade than her back or shoulder or forearm. You usually need a lighter shade or orange shade to cancel out the Tattoo, then the correct shade to cover that, to then blend in with the rest of the skin.

#Howtoapplyairbrushfoundation: application tips 

Now for application tips, I recommend spraying from a distance and applying a few thin coats, as opposed to one thick coat. Basically, airbrushing is  like painting a wall. To cover acne you can also go over the acne part at a closer distance to give more coverage. Llet those spots dry 5-10 minutes while you do eye makeup or something else, then go back and spray a coat over the entire face for a smooth finish.

Before and after applying airbrush foundation. #HowdoIprepskinbeforeapplyingairbrushfoundation?

In #airbrushmakeuptraining the instructor told us not to apply moisturizer underneath or powder on top. Based on my experience I disagree and I suggest both putting a moisturizer on first and then setting with a very light dusting of sheer or clear loose powder.

Why do you moisturize skin before #airbrushing on foundation? The reason is, if there are any dry patches,  the #airbrushmakeup, as with any makeup, will stick to those areas and not cover smoothly and it will look uneven. 

Moisturizer before #airbrushmakeup is especially important for water based #airbrushmakeup as the silicone base airbrush foundation already adds moisture and the water base #airbrushmakeup sucks out moisture. I suggest moisturizer 10 minutes before #airbrushingfoundation on so it has a chance to absorb, then do your #airbrushfoundation 1-2 coats.

How to set the #airbrushmakeup after application 

Let the #airbrushfoundation dry for 10 minutes, then use a large powder brush to very lightly dust a very sheer or clear, lightly pigmented or translucent setting or loose powder especially in the nose or any oily areas to absorb excess shine. Remember, nothing looks worse in pictures than an oily forehead or nose. 

The idea is to set the makeup, not to add anymore pigment. I use

#makeupforeverHDclearloosesettingpowder. There are other brands that carry setting powder as well such as #LauraMercier loose powder. 

Remember the powder should not say "powder foundation " or be a pressed colored powder. It's always best to set makeup with a loose, sheer powder verses a pressed powder, especially after applying #airbrushfoundation

Lastly, when you're done spraying, make sure you rinse and clean your airbrush gun properly or it will clog.  I'm working on my next article on: #HowtocleanmyAirbrushMakeupMachine and


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